Eva Nicholson

‘Becoming, Change and Passage’ (2020)

Screen capture of film

This screen capture displays a shot from my art film ‘Becoming, Change & Passage’ which was created as a homage to french Philosopher Gillies Deleuze and his book Cinema 2: The Time Image. It uses the concept of accidental or unintentional art–as depicted in the screen capture–using paint, charcoal, brushes, nails and dust, dropping from a height to create an artwork. This was done in the background of a couple winding down in the evening and eating their dinner in front of the tv. It displays the idea of different timelines existing in the same space.

‘Dense, Observational and without Control’ (2020)

Ink and charcoal study on A4 paper edited into a transparent layering graphic

This study was captured with the intention to draw without any control or direction in order to encompass the feelings of living in a lockdown. It later became a graphic made to layer upon images or photographs of domestic spaces to depict the concept of multiple narratives, or, ‘Timelines’ within domestic spaces.