Fetine Sel Tuzel

‘People and Cities’ (2020)


29.7 x 21cm
Why do some cities attract us?  We find something from us in them. At a time when we can’t even go outside, imagining outside became all we can do. People and cities consists of a video, a storyboard (of its sequel) and a sound piece. The first part of People and cities, the video, was filmed in Dijon, France. The whole piece is blurry, just like our memories.


‘A Sea of Plastic’ (2019)


1 x 50cm
4 different hand figures, from a hand seeking help to the one drowning in/mutating into the plastic or fading away. By using the waste of humans as a material for my art, I tried creating a natural scene. So, in this piece by using plastics/everyday materials, I imitated the ocean.