‘Ridi Clueless: “Interviewed”’ photo series (2021)

Art embodied drag persona

Ridi Clueless is an advocate and educator giving power and confidence to her voice. There are many ways socially our voices are silenced especially as an intersectional minority and Ridi Clueless is a result of resistance to this. She uses body language, poetry, performance and singing to ‘speak up’ on issues of being marginalised and satirise lived experience. “Our voice is a channel to our autonomy and the first defence of our rights.”

‘Ludus Crous: “Men can be Beautiful”’ photo series

Art embodied drag persona

Ludus Crous is a host, performer and playboy who explores ideas by having fun. He has performed live lip-syncs at After Dark Club and hosted for the Reading Art School online shows Connectivité: Reconnected as well as organised his own show for Reading Drag Society. He allows engagement with serious topics with less emotional fallout and a positive outlet. “Having fun is a privilege and therefore an act of protest and resistance.”